DIEP flap plasty / reconstruction with abdominal tissue

DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) flap reconstruction is the most modern and meanwhile most proven technique of breast reconstruction with autologous tissue.


Skin and fatty tissue are harvested from the lower abdomen and the blood vessels supplying it are exposed by microsurgery - with complete preservation of the abdominal muscles. In this way the function of the abdominal muscles can be completely preserved. This in contrast to the now obsolete technique of TRAM flap plasty.


The tissue obtained in this way is then transplanted by microsurgery, i.e. the blood vessels supplying the abdomen are connected or sutured to new blood vessels in the chest area under microscopic control. This is absolutely necessary, as otherwise the tissue thus transplanted would die.


The great advantages of this technique are: Natural firmness of the new breast, a certain recovery of the sensation of the breast, a natural aging of the breast, a natural increase and decrease of the breast with the body weight - just like the healthy breast does. And last but not least, the tummy tuck which is performed in exactly the same way as an aesthetic tummy tuck, with exactly the same scarring.