Breast cancer / breast carcinoma; a shocking diagnosis!

Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women, with up to 6,000 new cases in Switzerland every year.


Recognized in time and treated correctly, this cancer disease is curable in the vast majority of cases!


The established standard treatment, i.e. the most possible treatment for this disease, is the surgical removal of the tumour with preservation and, if necessary, reshaping of the breast (so-called oncoplastic reconstruction). This means that as a rule the breast does not have to be removed and that, if an experienced surgeon performs the operation, the aesthetic result should also be natural. Depending on the type of tumour, additional treatments (radiation treatment, chemotherapy, hormone therapy) may be necessary.




More rarely, however, it is necessary to remove the mammary gland completely. For a long time this meant amputation of the breast. Nowadays, however, with the current techniques, this is only necessary in rare cases! With the modern skin-preserving or even nipple-preserving procedures, with the possibilities of direct reconstruction of the breast volume, the patient can be spared the traumatic experience of physical disfigurement.




At the moment of diagnosis you will say: "Just remove the tumor - or the breast - no matter what it looks like in the end", but remember, eventually you will be cured of cancer and only the operated breast will remind you of the disease! This is why it is so important to think about your late results when planning your first operation, i.e. when planning the tumour or breast removal, and to discuss the possibilities of breast reconstruction early on! In England, for example, it is a rule that every woman who has to undergo a complete removal of the mammary gland must be informed by a plastic surgeon about the possibilities of direct or delayed breast reconstruction!




I like to tell my patients that our goal is to enable them to visit a sauna after the treatment without the other guests noticing anything of the disease they have undergone - naturalness is the highest priority!




It is extremely important that you are treated at a recognised and established breast centre:


As a member of the European certified Breast Center Berne of the Lindenhof Group (EUSOMA), one of the largest breast centers in Switzerland, I guarantee professional interdisciplinary planning and coordination to provide you with the best possible treatment!